ISIS Planned to Poison Kate Middleton’s Food

Jihadist group, Islamic State (IS) reportedly concocted a plot to kill Kate Middleton, by poisoning the food she buys at the supermarket.

The New York Post reports that the terrorists were encouraging each other to tamper with the Duchess of Cambridge’s food while communicating on the Telegram messaging app.

“We know what she eats — poison it,” read the caption of one image showing the 37-year-old royal with a shopping cart.

The location of the stores where the mom-of-three reportedly shops were also shared, with one vile picture posted on the app threatening Prince George.

The composite image showed the toddler holding his father Prince William’s hand and standing beside a knife-wielding ISIS militant with the caption: “Rise of the kuffar.”

A security source told the paper that the threats were being taken “very seriously.”

“It’s a disgusting plot as it involves Kate’s young children and hits out at her attempt to live a normal life like any mother wants to,” the source said.

The ISIS terror group has been largely degraded after US-led coalition forces ramped up attacks against them last year.

They have since resorted to carrying out surprise attacks against unsuspecting civilians, while encouraging their sympathisers to do same in western societies.


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