Instagram Star Celina Powell Attempts to Smear Snoop Dogg’s Name in Cheating Scandal; He Fires Back

Celina Powell is out here clout-chasing yet again.

The vixen took to her Instagram today to call out rap legend Snoop Dogg by posting their alleged private chat and also a screenshot of what appears to be a video-call between them.

As expected, this stirred heated reactions with many people lashing out at Powell. And this is because this is not the first time she would be trying to rope a celebrity into a nasty drama.

Last year, she stirred up a major drama when claimed she was pregnant with Offset’s child. Cardi B tried to shut it down, but Powell insisted and even went forward to post a sonograph of the alleged.

Long after the drama died down, she came back this May to apologise to Cardi B, admitting that she lied about it all.

Now, she is out for Snoop Dogg, and the rap veteran has sort of responded in a post where he called people out for clout-chasing.

See his post below.


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