Indian Wizard Disappears after Being Chained up under Water

An Indian stuntman, Chanchal Lahiri, popularly known as ‘Wizard Mandrake’, may have drowned after he vanished when he was lowered into the River Ganges while tied up with steel chains.

In his bid to recreate a Harry Houdini trick, a crane lowered the ‘Wizard’ into the river, while his loved ones, reporters and police watched from the river banks on Sunday.

But the tightly-bound 4o-year-old failed to emerge from the water to the horror of onlookers including his family and team members.

Concerned rescue teams have been scouring the waterway for the past 24 hours but he is yet to be found, said Syed Waquar Raza of the river traffic police.

“We fear he drowned in the river,” he told reporters.

Before he entered the cage he reportedly said it would be “magic” if he freed himself, but “tragic” if he couldn’t.

But the 40-year-old has not emerged from the river, sparking a huge search.

Lahiri last successfully pulled off a similar stunt 21 years ago in the same river after he was locked inside a bulletproof glass box and tied with a chain.

During this stunt, he was dropped from Howrah bridge but managed to come out in seconds, according to reports.

But when he tried it again in 2013, he was assaulted by witnesses who claimed it was fake after onlookers reportedly saw him escape from the locked cage through a visible door, within seconds.


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