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Ric Hassani Only Has Eyes for Jemima Osunde Right Now

Ric Hassani is seriously following through with the opening Jemima Osunde offered him.

The singer responded to a tweet where a fan had asked to go on a date with him, he refused her citing Jemima Osunde as the reason.

Ric Hassani tweeted,

“I’m toasting Jemima at the moment,” to the fan’s request.

Recall that a while ago, Ric Hassani who is currently in New Orleans in the United States, had shared selfies of himself.

Jemima Osunde had chided him, stating that the singer takes selfies like her dad’s age mate but she was still open to dating him.

The duo have kept up with the light flirting and banter on Twitter, leading to this point.


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