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Erica Nlewedim Pulls a Prank on Her Fans With New House Photo

Erica Nlewedim’s sense of humour is unmatched.

Yesterday, the actress took to her Instagram to post a photo of a new house she said she just bought in Abuja, and folks immediately believed her, including her biggest supporter, Dele Momodu:

But Erica had clarified that it was an April 1st prank, and added the aspirational commentary that got everyone laughing: “This journey started from a desire and I perspired and then I acquired. It required me creating a picture that I wanted for my future straight from the scriptures! I set a goal so I will live above reproach and I won’t be treated like a cockroach!

She later shared a video of herself clarifying that it was all a prank:

She also added that she had considered pranking them with a post about her engagement to an unnamed person, but she didn’t because she knew the violence that story would stir:

To end her night, she tweeted an aspirational post that got everyone laughing:

She won April 1st!


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