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Kim Kardashian Speaks on Cruelty and Judgement from Media While Empathising with Britney Spears

Kim Kardashian is relieving the horrible nightmare she endured from the press while pregnant with her first child, North.

The mother of four took to her Instagram story to reveal the intense toll it took on her mental health after she watched the Britney Spears documentary.

Kim who empathised with Spears, noted that no one deserves such cruelty and judgement in the name of entertainment as was done to her and Britney.

The reality TV star shared different magazine covers that trolled and body shamed her because she gained over 60lbs with her first pregnancy, a situation brought on by preeclampsia.

She noted that this left her insecure for months such that she couldn’t leave the house and what was supposed that be the happiest time of her life became a nightmare.

Kardashian advised that it is always better to lead with kindness because you never can tell what people have going on behind the scene.

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