Imeh Bishop Doubles Down on His Rapey Comment: “Listen Well Again to the Video.”

Imeh Bishop has a problem with sex work, and this is why he doesn’t believe that sex workers can get raped.

In case you missed all the drama: the actor took to his Instagram yesterday to defend the police officers accused of raping the women arrested in Abuja clubs. According to the actor, the officers only “stole” the women’s “wares.”

He caught so much flak for that insensitive comments, and now he has taken to his page yet again to spew more dangerous stupidity.

He wrote:

“It’s terrible when we give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. Who justifies rape? Obviously not me. I think lots of people have problems with hearing and comprehension. Listen well again to the video I made. I never defended the animals that raped the girls. I only tried to open up another perspective to the crime they committed and that is robbery which attracts in most cases, instant death penalty by jungle justice while also condemning commercial sex hawking! Hear, Listen, Understand or shut up!!!”


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