Imam Mohamad Tawhidi Condemns the Wearing of the Burqa, Stirs Outrage

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi has triggered a major conversation on Twitter after he tweeted about women who wear the burqa.

According to the famous Muslim preacher: “If you think wearing this your entire life is normal, then go see a doctor. If you think your wife should wear this her entire life, then go to hell.”

One of those who called him out is Nigerian writer, Gimba Kakanda, who accused the controversial preacher of encouraging intolerance and segregating women who choose to wear the burqa by choice.

“It’s a shame that we preach freedom of choice and tolerance and yet turn around to demonize a group for choosing to live in a fashion that harms no one. Presenting this as though it was imposed by the husbands is unfairly sensational. The world is big enough for our co-existence,” said Kakanda.

To which the Imam responded with a succinct tweet, noting how family and society pressure women into wearing the burqa. “I was married to a woman who wore a full face Burqa, just like the ladies in the picture below. I didn’t force her to, but her family did. Your tweet reflects that you have zero knowledge of how indoctrination works. It affects their character, and most importantly: their minds,” he said.

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