‘I’m Working on a Gospel Album’- DJ Spinall Talks About His Religious History & Endeavours

DJ Spinall doesn’t only disc jockey at high profile parties and events; he spins his discs at religious events and also is working on his first religious album.

The famous DJ made this revelation in new chat with PUNCH, where he also talked about history–how he began, his plans for the future, and why he doesn’t bother with pigeon-holing his career to one genre.

Asked about his history, he said:

“I had been around for 15 years before I became popular but the kind of orientation I was given while growing up is that your work has to speak for you. I was about 18 years old when I started to play at parties. I was still in high school at the time. The first time I had to be a disc jockey was at the church. They had a youth party and a female friend called me to disc jockey for them because she knew that I was always playing loud music. She did not even know if I was a DJ or not at the time. When she asked me, I just told her that I was a disc jockey. My first experience was a bit overwhelming but I did a good job even though I did not have a lot of Christian music. I repeated Cece Winans about 20 times but the pastor did not complain and everybody seemed to be having a good time.”

Asked he if still does gigs for churches, he said:

“I still do a lot of gospel event but they just don’t make it to the television, radio or social media. I still did a gig at a church about two weeks ago and I am working on a gospel album.”

Asked what his family thought of his career path, he said:

“Surprisingly, when I informed my mother that I wanted to make disc jockeying my career, she was fine with it but my father was a bit skeptical. He eventually gave me the needed confidence since I had bagged a B.Sc. in engineering. They just told me that if DJ did not work out, I should return to engineering.”

He is one prolific artist–don’t you think?

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