‘I’m Sick and Tired of People Trying to Discredit My Achievements!’ – Cardi B Roasts Who Say She Cheated Her Way to Success

Cardi B has fired back trolls who accuse her of cheating her way to success.

Drama started when the I Like It rapper shared her recent stat update on her Instagram and trolls hopped on the post to accuse her of boasting sales through pay-for-play cheat code also called Payola.

Reacting to the accusation, the rapper narrated her success story, how she had previously put out music that didn’t draw attention, until her record-smashing hit song, Bodak Yellow.

“I’m thankful for Bodak Yellow cause it had people ad eve the label believe in me. You can’t buy the general public. No machine, no money can buy that,” she wrote, adding, “I’m sick and tired of people trying to discredit me. I will not let nobody try to play me or make me feel like I didn’t earn my fucking success.”

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