‘I’m OBSESSED With You’- Davido’s Female Fan Explains Why She Got His OBO Tattoo On Her Chest

A Nigerian woman has taken her love for Davido to a new, crazy high by inking his OBO tattoo on her chest.

The woman, who runs the Instagram handle @Symply_Tacha, shocked many people today when she shared the first clip of her getting the ink job, and this triggered mixed reactions from folks, with many wondering the rationale behind such life-changing move.

But Symply Tacha has a reason for this extreme case of fan love, and she explained all of this in her long letter to the singer.

“I’ve always been your biggest fan. Right from your hit single in 2011 “Dami Duro” I got stucked on you like magnet,” she began in the love note, “Fell absolutely in love with your music, back to back from “Back When” featuring Naeto C, “Dami Duro”. “All of You”, “Overseas” featuring Sina Rambo…”

And on and on she went, listing the singer’s hit songs, adding that her recent favourite is “ADA”, that she gets “goosebumps” whenever she listens to the single. She daydreams about Davido, and she is not ashamed to admit this.

“This tattoo I got is to show you how obsessed and extra I am about you. My ultimate wish in life would be to one say meet you in person,” she continued. “I’m literally obsessed with you and your music..”

And she said more. Read her full note:

Will Davido respond? We wait!

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