‘I’m not Interested in Politics’ – Kanu Nwankwo slams reports linking him with Presidency

Nigerian legend Kanu Nwankwo says he’s stunned at how the Nigerian media bought a prank that claimed he was planning on running for Nigeria’s presidency during the 2019 elections.

Popular football website Goal.com wrote an ‘April Fools’ article in which the former Arsenal striker said he was inspired to follow in George Weah’s footsteps and seek Nigeria’s presidency as a means of improving the lives of his fellow countrymen.

But despite the article hinting that it was an April Fools joke, with the author’s name given as “Loof Lirpa”, an anagram of ‘April Fool’, it was nonetheless taken seriously by multiple media outlets who then reported on it as fact.

Reacting to the viral news, Kanu told Goal that he was shocked at the way the April Fools quickly went from hoax to fact.

“This is meant to be a joke but people haven’t seen it that way,” the two-time African footballer of the Year said.

“I think there is a need to inform them that it is just April Fool.

“My immediate concern is using my vast contacts and experience to develop the Nigerian youth through sports.

“I also want to keep saving lives through the Kanu Heart Foundation.”

Cruel joke from Goal though. Lol

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