“I’m not a Stalker” – Tinashe Addresses Claims that She’s Tailing Ex-Boyfriend

Tinashe has finally addressed claims made by her ex-boyfriend Ben Simmons that she is stalking him and his new girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

TMZ had reported that Ben Simmons was considering getting extra security because he believed that Tinashe was tailing him and suspiciously popping up regularly at places he goes with Kendall, that this had gone past mere coincidence.

“We’re told Ben is convinced Tinashe cannot accept the fact he ended their relationship and has moved on with Kendall. He believes she’s showing up to keep tabs on him so she can see if there’s a chink in the armor between him and Kendall,” TMZ reported, adding, “Our sources say Ben thinks she’s become so obsessive he doesn’t want to take chances … especially because of Kendall, and that’s why he’s talking about hiring extra muscle.”

Well, Tinashe says this is all a lie.

The Flame singer took to Instagram Stories on Friday to publish a lengthy statement denying the claims of her “stalking” the new couple. “Look, I usually never comment on things that are completely untrue and ridiculous, but this narrative has to end… I’m not a character in some dumb storyline this is MY REAL LIFE,” she wrote.

“The fact is, I was in love and I got hurt. I know I’m not the first nor will I be the last person to be in this situation. The details of what has happened since are complicated to say the least, but I’ve never lied. And of course I’m not a stalker lol,” she continued.

And she said a lot more. See the post below.

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