‘I’ll Knock Him the F**k Out’ – Joshua Blasts after Miller Shoved Him in New York

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua showed his darker side after coming face to face with the brash brawler Jarrell Miller in their New York press conference on Tuesday.

After going up against classy opponents in his career, AJ faces an entirely different prospect in the garrulous Miller who immediately made his intentions to get under the champion’s skin known.

Miller sent Joshua flying with a shove as soon as the Briton hit the stage in New York yesterday with security teams stepping in throughout their exchange. “Fake”, an “Uncle Tom” and a “giant p****” were some of the barbs directed at the IBF, WBA and WBO world champion.

Joshua was not afraid to bear his teeth, however, hitting back with the sort of venom not seen or heard since his 2015 brawl with Dillian Whyte.

“He’s the softest puncher in the division. I am going to knock him the f*** out,” Joshua said.

“He is a drug abuser. He’s a kickboxer. I am going to knock him out.”

Miller then interrupted: “Your mum thinks I hit hard though,” with the champion responding: “Where’s your mother? I am paying her rent with this. She will come here and watch a real champion fight.”

Joshua continued: “Jarrell Miller is a little b****. I am going to throw this jab down his throat. For a guy that is 300 pounds, he punches like a fairy. June 1st – this is going to be a show,” Joshua said.

“Come out and watch this one, New York. I am not up here playing the gangster role. I really knock people out, look at his little hands. This is the first time he will sell out a show and it’s because of me. Of course he spends all day thinking about me and watching my fights, he has to – but it still won’t be good enough.”

Joshua, 29, will be making his US debut when he and Miller clash in Madison Square Garden on June 1.


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