IK Ogbonna Addresses Trolls Amid Rumour that His Marriage to Sonia Has Failed

IK Ogbonna is done ignoring trolls who have nasty things to say about him ever since news surfaced that his marriage to Sonia hit the rocks.

Latest drama started after the actor took to his Instagram to share a new photo of himself with a caption in which he described himself as being a “husband material.”

While many fans felt it was humourous, others assumed he is already campaigning to get himself a new wife, their reason being that “husband material” is the famous slang used by single men who are searching for wives.

Well, IK has said that he was merely playing around with the caption.

“My captions are not suggestive in anyway . Stop misinforming people. Somebody can not write caption in peace without thinking how overfed adults would carry it,” he said, adding, “My name is MR IK OGBONNA. Everything is stew here thanks.”

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