Ijeoma Okonkwo Reveals that Husband, Kcee Proposed in Dubai, 2 Months After They Met

Ijeoma Okonkwo is reliving the moment her husband, K-Cee popped the question that sealed their ‘happily ever after’.

The mother of three shared a throwback picture from 2010 on her Instagram and revealed that it was taken shortly after the proposal which happened in Dubai, barely two months after the couple met.

Ijoema who made it known that there’s a reality show in the works which will feature all of the exclusive details about their lives and 10-year marriage, stated that, looking back, she’s not sure if she  said yes because she was ready to get married or because she was afraid Kcee would throw her down from the hot air balloon which was 3,000ft off the ground and where the proposal took place.

“Found this picture in my archive and it warmed my heart…
This pic was taken in Dubai January 2010 when @iam_kcee took me 3,000ft up in the sky on a hot air balloon to propose in less than 2 months of us meeting…
Thinking about it now, I don’t know if I said yes because I was ready to get married or if I said yes because I was afraid if I said NO he would throw me down 😂😂😂
Anyways, watch out for our reality show airing soon where you would get all the exclusive inside details of our 10years of marriage…😉😉,” she wrote.


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