Idris Elba in Final Negotiations to Star in ‘Mouse Guard’

THR is reporting that Idris Elba is being tapped to star in Mouse Guard, Fox’s adaptation of the Boom! Studios comic being directed by Wes Ball, the filmmaker behind the Maze Runner movies.

According to the media house, Andy Serkis and Thomas Brodie-Sangster are already on the roll call for the project, which is described as a sort of Game of Thrones with mice and which will be shot using motion capture and have WETA providing visual effects.

The story is “based on the comics and graphic novel by David Petersen, Mouse Guard, and is a set in a medieval world and tells of an order of mice who are the sworn protectors of their realm. Enemies range from predators such as foxes and eagles to other rodents.”

Elba will play Celanawe, an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like figure who was once a legendary champion and now thought long gone.

Serkis is the villain of the piece, the Guard’s blacksmith known as Midnight who turns against it. Brodie-Sangster is Lieam, one of the Guard’s newest and youngest members who will be called upon to prove his bravery.

We can’t wait!

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