Idris Elba Discusses His Netflix Comedy ‘Turn Up Charlie’

Idris Elba has shared more details about the inspiration behind his Netflix comedy series “Turn Up Charlie,” which he created, executive produces and stars in.

According to THR, the series will be coming out a month before the actor/DJ makes his Coachella debut. And he says it wasn’t at all planned.

“It wasn’t planned that way, but you couldn’t write a better marketing setup,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the very first FYC event of Emmy season, an event held at the Pacific Design Center’s SilverScreen Theater less than a week after the Oscars.

“The last couple of years my DJing has seen a lot more exposure,” he said. “Doing a show about a DJ, that started about four years ago. And now we’re here, so it’s all come together in a nice little bow.”

THR adds that Elba co-created the series, which Netflix bought in the room after he and Gary Reich pitched it based on a series of anecdotes about Elba’s life as a DJ and a father. The project evolved into an eight-episode comedy about a one-hit wonder who gets a job as a manny for the daughter of his childhood BFF, now a famous actor and married to a successful DJ that he hopes will help him kick-start a music comeback.

“The best part was nurturing the idea from this one-liner to a story,” Elba told THR. “And then, you know, being able to influence it. Charlie isn’t a dad, but I am. And so my daughter and I, some of that’s in the show, and just bringing that into the writing room was wicked.”

Turn Up Charlie is a comedy very much in the vein of Elba’s own sense of humor, he said.

“I like cringe humor — towards the dry side, if I can,” he said, “but [there’s] a lot of goofiness going on in the [series] and that’s a bit of me.”

We can’t wait.

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