‘I wish I could disappear with my kid’ – Davido’s babymamy, Amanda, laments

Davido’s second babymama, Amanda, has shared a rather disturbing post saying she would really like to disappear with her kid and never come back.

This comes amid rumours on social media that the baby-mama has not been living the kind of life she dreamed about or perhaps the kind of life she felt being a baby-mama for Davido would fetch her.

In a recent post Amanda has shared a disturbing comment indicating that she really wants to ‘disappear’ and never come back.

Taking to her Instastories, she wrote;

“The human race just disgust me, so many fakes, wanna bes, liars, two faced, those who play all sides, dishonest, opportunists evil wicked people and IG has become the main platform or all those disgusting people.

“Wish i could just disappear with my kid and never come back…. one day.”

See snaps of her post below.


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