‘I Realised That I Didn’t Really Understand It’ – DJ Cuppy Tells Why She’s Not a Feminist

DJ Cuppy has spoken candidly about why she no longer considers herself a feminist.

The famous disc-jockey said about this during a recent sit-down with the crew of City FM, where she spoke, among other things, her struggle with understanding feminism, why she feels women should not dedicate their time pursuing feminism, and why she often makes compromises in her male-dominated industry.

“I used to consider myself a feminist until I realised that I didn’t really understand,” said the DJ, and then she went on to misinterpret what the movement is all about.

She further revealed that she has had to water herself down in her place of work. “I deal with men on a day-to-day basis, and I’ve realised that [men] will always think they are better than women. And I don’t think feminism is gonna solve it.

And she said a lot more.

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