‘I feel stupid’ – Lady, whose best friend duped her of N1m, laments

A Nigerian lady who goes by the name Aunty Ada on Twitter has taken to the social media platform to narrate how her best friend duped her of one million naira.

According to Ada, her friend had called her to say she had heart disease and had only some months to live; adding that she needed three million naira for her treatment.

Ada noted that she gave the said friend a million naira from the proposed medical bill as she couldn’t lose her.

She said she later discovered her friend had duped her of the sum of money after receiving a call from her friend’s mother, who was shocked to hear of the said disease.

She wrote:

“I feel stupid but I’ll be fine. A friend told me about having heart disease and that she had just a few months to live, If she doesn’t go in for an operation. When she called me and told me about it, I was angry because she kept talking about dying and all.

“I told her to shut up and stop talking like that and went ahead to ask her how much was needed for this surgery. She told me 3million, at first i was like Ok and asked her again how much do you have already? She said and I quote ‘some millions, you can help me with anything’

“As the “Good Samaritan” that I am. I gave her a million naira. Because I need my friend alive nauu( abi who wouldn’t?) especially when you know you can help. Only for her mom to innocently called me to ask about my dad. That was how I got to find out my so called friend…Who has just a few months to live, LIED TO ME. She lied to me.

“Her mother said and I quote ‘Holyghost fire, my pikin dey ok o. She even travel,’ Mama, no be holyghost fire tell me say she sick o. Na your daughter.

“So I gave her one week to pay me my money or I’d have her arrested. I hate this side of me, maybe a little bit of wickedness will do. I feel stupid.”


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