Hushpuppi Roasts KCee in New Instagram Rant, Says He Bought His Car on Loan

MI Abaga has woken the tiger(Hushpuppi), and now he is back on social media, dragging Nigerian celebrites for filth.

Speaking in new chat with a friend, Hushpuppi roasted Nigerian celebrities who he said are struggling to keep up with the baller life, that many of them have had to buy their luxury items on loans and paying for them in multiple installments, all just to keep up the facade.

And he threatened to publish the receipts if KCee dared to refute the allegation.

This hilarious update comes days after rapper MI Abaga took shots at the sociliate in his 15-track album Rendezvous, , accusing him of engaging in criminal activities, and, especially, for daring to diss “big guys who got real money.”

The big guys are the celebrities.

Well, Hushpuppi is coming for all of them, and the first victim is KCee.

Watch the clip of him making the car loan allegations:

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