Hushpuppi Reveals Plans to Renounce Nigerian Citizenship Amid Calls to Have Him Investigated

Hushpuppi may renounce his Nigerian citizenship soon.

Today, the Malaysia-based businessman took to Instagram to unleash a vicious tirade on elements who have asked the EFCC to investigate him.

Drama started days ago after the anti-graft agency stormed a Lagos club and arrested some suspected Yahoo boys. This stirred nationwide conversation on the terrifying rate of internet fraud in the country, and many people, including Nobel Igwe of Style Vitae and activist Adeyanju Deji, called on the EFCC to investigate more Nigerians whose source of income is questionable.

And one of the individuals named at this time was Hushpuppi, who has a penchance for flaunting his baller lifestyle on social media.

Not long after, fans discovered Hushpuppi’s SnapChat video in which he contemplated renouncing his citizenship.

And reacting to the video, the businessman went absolutely apeshit on those naming him, and he also stated the reasons why he would give back his passport.

Read his post below.

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