How smartphones and gadgets could transmit Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreading like wild fire across the globe, there’s a distinct possibility of contracting the disease via our gadgets and smartphones.

Of course, people have been advised to keep social distance and always wash their hands regularly to keep safe – but even that doesn’t guarantee 100% protection from the virus as it can be contracted by surfaces and gadgets close to us.

Smartphones have been identified as a strong means of transmitting the Coronavirus as you come in contact with the germs on the surface of your phone.

Some basic tips to keep our smartphones and Gadget disinfected from Coronavirus.

With the use of Colorex wipe any product the contains at least 70% of isopropyl to clean you smartphones and gadgets is mandatory. It is not advisable using an alcoholic substance as it could damage your phone’s screen as well as ports.

Using bleaches, sprays and abrasives are not advisable – they can damage your screen as well.

It is preferable to use a soft linen free cloth to clean the phone, Litifyed writes.

However, there are several mobile sanitisers you can get to clean your devices like the Mobiwash, Rnaux cleaning kit and Dettol.

There are also a couple of infrared disinfecting pods on sale in the market.

Samsung has announced free Galaxy Sanitising Service in 19 countries including the US and UK.

The service makes use of infrared technology and would be expanded to more countries soon enough.


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