Holywood Actress Eva Mendes Called Out for Jacking Lisa Folawiyo’s Designs

Eva Mendes is catching a lot of flak for apparently ripping off the designs Lisa Folawiyo unveiled at the 2017 Lagos Fashion Week.

According to Bellanaija, Folawiyo’s collection was inspired by Igbo culture and symbolism had long been nicknamed the “Isi Agu” fabric. And her collection was well-received by fashion critics and enthusiasts all over the world.

Fast forward to 2019 and  Hollywood actress Eva Mendes decided to mimic the Nigerian style in her recent collection which can be found in the “New Arrivals” section of New York & Company’s e-commerce website.

The prints are so familiar, the structures apparently a rip off. And it is why many Nigerians are talking about this.

See the designs below and tell us what you think:

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