Holy Smoke! Tacha Drags Khafi’s Haters for Filth on Instagram

You obviously can’t mess with Tacha’s friends without bearing the brunt of it.

The former BBNaija housemate went all out to read haters of her fellow former BBnaija housemate and bestie, Khafi Kareem on Instagram.

In the video, Tacha responded to those who refer to the 30-year-old Kareem as a gossip and two-faced, noting that they’re guilty of the very same thing and she wouldn’t standby for that hypocrisy.

“How all of you can be so comfortable and conveniently call one one person a gossip, call one person two-faced, call one person a freaking whatever y’all would want to call the person but at the end of the day, you all are saints, you people don’t gossip.

“And the funniest part is when you shoot yourself in the foot.

“Like you’re still going to admit that like yes oh, I gossip.

“If you gossip, then why are all you people coming for Khafi then? she said

The ‘Khacha’ girls as they are fondly called became friends on the fourth season of the Big Brother Naija reality show and have maintained the relationship since leaving the house.

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