Hollyoaks Responds After British Actress, Rachel Adedeji Slams Its ‘Disappointing’ Stance on Black Lives Matter

Hollyoaks has responded to Rachel Adedeji’s ‘disappointment’ on its stance on the Black Lives Matter movement across the globe.

The British Nigerian actress who is Lisa Loveday from the TV show, which airs on Channel 4, accused the show of racism behind the scenes and it’s stance being performative after it posted a video of fellow actress Kelle Bryan speaking on Black Lives Matter.

The mother of one had accused the TV show of racism behind the scenes while reacting to its ‘disappointing’ stance on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Taking to Instagram and Twitter the 28-year-old former X factor contestant wrote;

Did Black Lives Matter when I was told ”You’re all the same” by a makeup artist you employed, and remains in employment till this day?

“Did Black Lives Matter when a number of female black actors were forced to drastically change their hair because if not, the viewers ”would not be able to tell them apart”? .’

“Very little is being done behind the scenes. Unfortunately Hollyoaks’ response seems to be performative and disingenuous,” she further alleged.

Adedeji noted that working on the show was mostly positive but that there was need to do more, sharing that in her over four years on the show, she had only worked with one black director.

The soap posted a short statement on Instagram in response: “Hollyoaks has zero tolerance on racism. We are taking Rachel Adedeji’s comments extremely seriously and are investigating.

A spokesperson for the show also stated that Adedeji would be contacted directly regarding her concerns.

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