Hillary Clinton Defends Bill Clinton, Says Monica Lewinsky Was an Adult

Hillary Clinton has made another attempt to absolve her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of any responsibility in his scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky.

According to Mrs. Clinton, Lewinsky was an adult when they were having an affair and so her husband did nothing bad, RT is reporting.

The former presidential aspirant said this during her sit-down with CBS’ Sunday Morning anchor Tony Dokoupil, after she was asked her about Bill Clinton’s 1990s affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The then-president had lied under oath that he had no sexual relationship with Lewinsky, and the scandal eventually led to impeachment procedures, but Clinton was acquitted in the end. Hillary defended her husband throughout the drama and even dismissed it as a “right-wing conspiracy.”

It turned out to be true, and now Hillary Clinton changes tune and says she believes her husband did nothing wrong.. And asked whether he should have stepped down, she said, “Absolutely not.”

When her interview argued that the affair can be seen as an abuse of power for the sheer imbalance of said power between the US president and an intern, Mrs. Clinton responded that Lewinsky was “an adult,” before cutting the line of questioning.

This comes amid the wave of the #MeToo movement.

Here’s what folks think of her statement:

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