Hilarious Conversation Between an Illuminati Recruiter and Singer Frank Edwards

So, Frank Edwards has put an Illuminati ‘recruiter’ on the blast on his Instagram.

Posting on his page, the gospel artist revealed their conversation in which the recruiter offered to initiate the singer into the dark world of the Illuminati, claiming that Edward would “reach the peak” of his career if he accepted the invite.

“Oh, I will tell my mum to call you so you can explain better,” said the singer, “She is my manager.” To which the recruiter replied: “I can explain everything here.”

And Frank Edwards couldn’t help but admonish the apparent scammer. “Do you know I can change your live instead of this nonsense you are doing?”

And the desperate scammer had to put off his mask, and added, “No vex sir. Please help your boy!”


See the exchange below.

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