Heart of Gold: Drake Treats 63-Year-Old House Keeper to $10, 000 Shopping Spree

Drake has a heart of gold.

Yesterday, the Toronto rapper surprised a hardworking house keeper, Odelie Paret, with a luxurious spa day and a $10,000 shopping spree. Paret reportedly travels everyday from her home to her place of work–hotel Fontainebleau in Miami. She has worked for over two decades at the hotel, and yesterday, got a mystery call from a woman who arranged for her to have a massage at the Fontainebleau’s spa and dinner at the property’s steakhouse, the Miami Herald reports.

Page Six adds that Paret, a mother of five, enjoyed a lobster dish, got a special spa treatment and later lounged at the hotel’s lobby. She did not yet know who gave her such gift. It wasn’t until later, when a car then took her and a friend for shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, that Drake appeared behind her.

“I always just saw him on the TV. So I said, ‘Drake!’” Paret told the Herald. “It made me happy. … I thank him so much.”

She was given no budget but told to shop for 45 minutes at Saks, that the rapper would pay for everything. Some of the items she chose included “a comfortable pair of $800 shoes she could wear to church, a Valentino purse, four perfumes and a $6,000 gold-and-diamond necklace.”

Speaking with the newspaper, Drake said he was only giving back.

This heartwarming update comes days after the God’s Plan rapper paid fans groceries worth $50, 000 at a supermarket , gave $50, 000 to a women’s shelter, offered a $25,000 check to Miami Senior High, and awarded a University of Miami student a $50,000 scholarship.

He has a heart of gold.

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