‘He just had Sex’ – Hilarious Responses as Elephant is caught Smoking in India

India is living up to its reputation as an exotic land after a video of a wild elephant blowing out ash from a fire emerged.

The 48-second video, filmed by Vinay Kumar, a scientist belonging to the Wildlife Conservation Society (India), has continued to baffle wildlife experts around the world.

It was reportedly filmed during a work trip to Nagarhole forest in Karnataka state in April 2016, but Kumar said he had not released the video until now because he did not “quite realise its importance”.

Watch the clip below.

The quite bizarre incident has got scientists across the globe scratching their heads.

“This is the first known video-documentation of a wild elephant exhibiting such behaviour, and this has scientists and experts puzzled,” a statement issued by Wildlife Conservation Society (India) said.

According to Mr Kumar, he spotted the female elephant barely 50m (164ft) away and began filming with his point-and-shoot camera as it “appears to ingest charcoal” left by a controlled fire on the ground and “blow out the ashes”.

“What we saw that day almost appeared as though the elephant was smoking – she would draw up a trunk full of ash close to her mouth and blow it out in a puff of smoke!” Mr Kumar said.

Some scientists have suggested that the elephant was probably attracted to the charcoal for its medicinal value, as some wild animals do.

While it remains unclear why the elephant was billowing smoke, Twitter has already erupted with possible explanations, and some of them are downright insane…




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