Gunshots at US Embassy in Turkey as Diplomatic Row Escalates

Gunshots were fired early Monday at the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey but caused no casualties were recorded amid escalating tensions between the two NATO allies.

Turkish and American officials said six shots were fired at the US embassy, adding that three bullets hit the iron gate and window wall.

“There are no casualties,” a spokesman for the Ankara governor said.

US embassy spokesman David Gainer confirmed to AFP that a “security incident” had taken place.

“We have no reports of any injuries and we are investigating the details. We thank the Turkish National Police for their rapid response,” he said.

The incident comes as Ankara and Washington are locked in a bitter dispute over Turkey’s detention of an American pastor on terror-related charges.

US President Donald Trump has doubled the tariffs on aluminium and steel tariffs from Turkey, prompting Ankara to sharply hike tariffs on several US products.

And Turkey on Friday threatened to respond in kind if Washington imposed further sanctions, while a court rejected last week another appeal to free pastor Andrew Brunson.

Also the diplomatic spat has sent the Turkish currency into free fall against dollar.

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