Google Launches Self-destructing Email Service

Google has unveiled a new feature available to everyone who can have sensitive emails destroy themselves once Confidential Mode is enabled in their Gmail accounts.

The updated feature, which Google announced earlier this year, has become available to all its Gmail users, including both web-based or mobile phone customers, the U.S. tech giant said.

“You can send messages and attachments with Gmail’s Confidential Mode to help protect sensitive information from unauthorised access,” Google said on its web support page.

Confidential Mode prevents recipients from forwarding an email to other people, copying or pasting anything from its contents, downloading the message or printing it.

When Confidential Mode is set on, users can decide how long an email exists before it deletes itself from a recipient’s inbox, and the sender-defined expiration date ranges from one day to five years.

Google also allows users to revoke access by opening a confidential email and selecting “Remove access” to stop the recipient from viewing the email before the expiration date.

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