Gillette #MeToo Ad on Toxic Masculinity Stirs Worldwide Debate

Gillette has stirred a trending debate, earning both praise and insult, after launching an advertising campaign promoting a new kind of positive masculinity.

The new ad, which is obviously a nod to the #MeToo movement, revealed the company’s new advertising campaign –The Best Men Can Be, which is different from the previous 30-year tagline–The Best a Man Can Get.

Some of the clips in the ad show a collage of sexism in films, in boardrooms, and of violence between boys, with a voice-over saying: “Bullying, the MeToo movement against sexual harassment, toxic masculinity, is this the best a man can get?”

While many people love the new ad, some toxic men have a problem with it: they are upset that Gillette is promoting equality, and so are threatening to boycott the company.

See the ad below:

And see some of the reactions:

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