Ghana’s Defence Minister Says Country is ‘Heaven’, Unlike Nigeria Where ‘300 People are Killed Daily’

The rising security problem in Nigeria has made the country the butt of jokes in the international community as Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Major Derrick Oduro (Rtd) said his country could be likened to ‘Heaven’ when compared to Nigeria and other African countries.

The Minister made the claim in an interview on Asempa FM in Accra, Ghana, while reacting to a terror alert issued by the British High Commission to its nationals travelling to Ghana, GhanaWeb reports.

According to him, Ghana does not come close to the number of kidnappings recorded in some countries like Nigeria which, according to him, records 10-20 kidnappings hourly and about 250-300 daily.

Speaking in local Ghanaian language Twi, the minister said:

“Ghana is experiencing kidnappings because of emerging crimes, Nigeria about 250-300 people are kidnapped on daily basis, Nigeria records 10-20 kidnappings hourly, go to South Africa, Kenya so many attacks are going on there, other countries record huge number of kidnappings, ours is a small figure, when it comes to kidnappings, Ghana is a heaven.”

The minister attributed the series of kidnappings presently being experienced in Ghana to emerging crimes across the world.

He said though Ghana does not have any open confrontations with the terrorist groups there is a possibility they won’t spare Ghana if its security not tight, calling on Ghanaians to exercise restraint as the security forces try to combat kidnappings.

“We are not fighting ISIS, Boko Haram or other terrorist groups. The security we are enjoying in Ghana is extraordinary. The nation is so much secure. We have no open confrontation with ISIS, Boko Haram and the rest. We are not their interest so there is no cause for alarm,” he said in Twi.


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