Ghanaian Pastor says Jesus and Mary Magdalene got Married, had 5 Children in France

A Ghanaian pastor, Kwabena Asiamah of Universal Spiritual Outreach (Ajagurajah Movement) has made the damning claim that Jesus Christ got married to Mary Magdalene with whom he had five children in France.

Pastor Kwabena Asiamah made in the controversial statement in an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV.

In a largely incoherent interview, the pastor said every human must protect himself with a knife or gun because Jesus Christ had a knife which he used to protect himself.

According to Pastor Kwabena Asiamah, he practices the mosaic law and does not feel bad when people criticise his kind of worship.

The controversial cleric admitted to being occultic but claimed being occultic was a promotion.

He further stated in an interview with Kofi Adomaa on Kofi Tv that he is never bothered when he is referred to as occultist because bad news sells.

Furthermore, he countered the theological position of Adam’s first wife being Eve.


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