Ghana Overtakes Nigeria on List of Most Hardworking Foreigners in U.S.

Nigerians working in the United States have been ranked as the eighth most hardworking foreigners in the country, according a 2018 report by Bloomberg.

Nigerians scored 71.0 percent in the list of the hardest and most skilled immigrant groups in the US which was topped by Ghana with 75.2 percent.

Bulgaria and Kenya were ranked second and third with 74.2 percent and 73.4 percent respectively, with Ethiopia (4th), Egypt (5th), and Liberia (9th) completing African countries in the top 10.

This makes Africans in general the most productive immigrants in the US ahead of those from Mexico and Central America, who constitute more than 70 percent of foreign nationals in that country.

Mexico is by far the most common country of origin, but the population of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. (both documented and undocumented) actually fell 6 percent from 2007 to 2015, while the numbers of Salvadorans, Hondurans and Guatemalans continued to grow according to the Pew Research Centre.

“If we want more high-skilled, hardworking, English-speaking, ready-to-integrate immigrants, it looks like the most obvious place to find them is in African countries where English is widely spoken,” Bloomberg journalist Justin Fox, who came up with the report, said.

The report, developed from the 2016 US Census Bureau American Community Survey, ranked Nigeria 8th among the Most-Educated Immigrant Groups in the U.S., adding that the number of Nigerian legal immigrants in the country is 262,603.

According to the report, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal and Ghana have the highest number of citizens pursuing higher education in the US after Saudi Arabia.

Immigrants from Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana are near the top in both employment-population ratio and higher-education enrolment, it said.

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