George Floyd’s Memorial GoFundeMe Account Hits a Record High of Nearly $13 Million

The GoFundMe account set up got George Floyd has surpassed every imaginable expectation.

The money which is gendered towards helping the family of the late Floyd has recorded a whooping $12,987,100, and is still counting.

The initial goal was to hit $1.5 million in donations but people from all over the world have continued giving to the cause making it hit the status of highest number of individual donations for a GoFundMe page.

George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd created the ‘Official George Floyd Memorial Fund’ and high profile celebrities like Floyd Mayweather have contributed their bit too.

Mayweather promised to take care of all funeral expenses in four different locations and forked over a cheque of $88,500 to that effect.

Philonise Floyd says the funds will cover funeral and burial expenses, provide counseling, pay for lodging and travel for all court proceedings, and assist the family going forward as they seek justice for George.

A portion will also go to George’s estate to take care of his kids and provide for their education.

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