Genevieve Nnaji Schools Fan Who Blame Mothers for Men’s Bad Behaviour

Yesterday, a grown ass man hopped on Genevieve Nnaji’s Instagram to blame mothers for men’s bad behaviour, and the legendary actress read him for filth.

It all started when Nnaji shared a post condemning this culture of dismissing badly behaved men as boys, and she noted how such stereotypes negatively affect many men.

“Boys will be boys is a form of objectification. Don’t reduce men to animals who don’t know right from wrong,” said the quote she culled, and she included the caption: “Brothers, you can rise above this stereotype. Love y’all.”

While many people agreed and applauded her for adding to the conversation about how harmful toxic masculinity can be, a man hopped on the post to blame mothers for men’s behaviour. And she just schooled him.

See the exchange below:

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