‘Game of Thrones’ Series Finale Trailer is Here: Watch

HBO has dropped the trailer for the final episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones, and this came right after the end of Sunday’s penultimate episode, titled “The Bells.”

Spoiler Alert: don’t read if you haven’t watched the fifth episode.

Daenerys brought the King’s Landing to its feet and some of the show’s top characters died.

In Episode 4, we saw the fulfillment of the mad queen plotline that some fans hoped wouldn’t be put into play, but alas. After the Lannister army surrendered, Daenerys burnt King’s Landing and likely the vast majority of its innocent inhabitants to bits. Now, the remaining players are left to determine who will sit on the Iron Throne.

Now, in what is possibly the shortest preview so far, Tyrion walks through a ruined King’s Landing while fires smolder nearby and snow falls. Arya approaches a crowd of soldiers who appear to be gathered around something, a group of Dothraki raise their scimitars and whoop in approval, and Daenerys looks over what’s left of her new kingdom with the Unsullied arrayed before her.

What will happen?

Watch the trailer below:

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