OTV Cuisine: Hot and Spicy Catfish Peppersoup

Pepper soup has a burst of intense flavours and its aromatic nature makes it a popular mouthwatering Nigerian delicacies. These days, most parties are incomplete without pepper soup being part of the menu.

OTV Cuisine: Sticky Chicken with Coconut Rice

Finger-lickingly good sweet, sticky and spicy chicken legs served with coconut rice - the perfect match!

OTV Cuisine: Beef Short Ribs

These ribs melt in the mouth and are deliciously tasty. The spicy, sweet flavour will make you keep coming back for more. They are surprisingly easy to make and although it may seem like a lot of meat, there is a lot of bone (which can be used as handles for eating!)

OTV Cuisine: How I Discovered the Amazing Power of Emu (Palm Wine)

Palm wine is the prefect beauty regimen for those who would like to have good skin, hair and nails. It contains Iron and vitamin B complex which are needed for that healthy skin, great hair and firm nails. It also helps to improve the eyesight and for mothers, do you know that palm wine helps to promote lactation?

OTV Cuisine: The Original Spaghetti Bolognese

This version of bolognese is delicious served with pasta, however it is extremely versatile and can also be eaten with rice and potatoes. Sumptuous and rich, this minced beef sauce is perfect for cooking in large quantities and sharing with friends or freezing and saving for later.

Bukas & Joints to feature 2Baba & DJ Jimmy Jat in a Must-Watch Episode

It's another Sunday and this means another episode of your favourite culinary show Bukas and Joint, hosted by media veteran Olisa Adibua.This week's episode...

OTV Cuisine: Emergency Chocolate Tray Bake

This recipe is perfect for those moments when you need to quickly produce a cake but haven't had time to plan in advance - it is delicious, easy and extremely versatile - and it is always well loved by all who try it!

OTV Cuisine: Potatoes in Spicy Tomato Sauce

This recipe is perfect for sharing with friends and family. It is easy to make and delicious to eat. Potatoes are cubed and either baked or fried and served with a spicy and fresh tomato sauce.

OTV Cuisine: Spotlight on Moringa – Cooking Variations, Health Benefits and More

Moringa has been called a miracle tree because of its powerful medicinal value and amazing health benefits.

OTV Cuisine: Blondies – White Chocolate Brownies

A great alternative to brownies, not as rich but still sweet and moreish enough for those with a sweet tooth. These white chocolate and nut blondies are easy to make and perfect for sharing.

OTV Cuisine: Stewed Fish

A tasty fried fish dish with spicy tomato stew, delicious for a quick weekday dinner or to share with friends and family.

OTV Cuisine: Ikokore (Mouthwatering Water Yam Pottage)

Ikokore is a sumptuous yam pottage delicacy mostly eaten by the Ijebu folk of Ogun State. It is made from water yam.

OTV Cuisine: Cola Chicken Wings

Easy to make, finger lickingly good bbq chicken wings flavoured with cola - great to share with friends or eat alone as a treat

OTV Cuisine: Crispy and Delicious Yam Toasties

The beauty about yam toasties are they can serve simultaneously as a snack and a proper meal.

OTV Cuisine: Easy-to-Make Easter Fruit Cake

A rich and tasty, yet easy to make fruit cake, perfect for celebrating Easter with family and friends

Olisa Adibua Goes on a Food Adventure as ‘Bukas & Joints’ Debuts on TV

Olisa Adibua goes on a food adventure across Lagos as Bukas & Joints debuts on TV

OTV Cuisine: Spotlight on the hot and Spicy Cameroon Pepper

Cameroon pepper has a unique flavour and aroma which makes it widely used in preparing meals.

OTV Cuisine: Spicy curried goat

A flavoursome goat dish with a hint of curry and spice - easy to make and delicious in taste, this dish is guaranteed to satisfy anyone who tries it

OTV Mother’s Day Cuisine: Manhattan Cheesecake

A rich and luxurious cheesecake which is simple and easy to make but tastes delicious - perfect to treat your mother or anyone else!

OTV Cuisine: Chicken Pasta Bake

A wonderfully delicious chicken and pasta dish that is easy to make and can be enjoyed my friends and family

Spotlight on Efinrin (sweet scented basil leaf)

Efinrin is a highly nutritional plant that is quite popular in Nigeria and known for its delightful aroma and sweet taste

OTV Native Cuisine: Agbalumo à la banane Smoothie

Agbalumo secretes a whitish latex/sap that gives it a bubble-gum like texture when chewed on continuously .

OTV Valentine Cuisine: Brighten up the day with Mango Cake

A fresh tasting mango cake, full of fruity goodness, delicious to share any time of the day

OTV Native Cuisine: Mouthwatering quick-fix Egusi Ijebu

Egusi Ijebu is slightly more fluid than other types of egusi prepared by other tribes and it requires a lot of water.

OTV Cuisine: Coconut Fish

A healthy and fresh fish dish made with coconut and tomato, easy to make and delicious

OTV Cuisine: Finger-licking Ewedu Soup

Ewedu, which is made from Jute leaves, is one of the simplest Nigerian soups to prepare and it is mostly popular among the Yorubas

OTV Cuisine: Spiced Peppers and Eggs

A simple and quick dish that you can easily make when you want something to make something healthy and delicious, made with sweet bell peppers, chilli and fresh eggs.

OTV Cuisine: Hot and Spicy Double Baked Chicken Wings

Finger licking chicken wings, a healthier version that are baked and not deep fried

Easy and Healthy Noodle Dish – Chicken Chow Mein

It’s that time of year again, when most people start consigning themselves to a variety of restrictions, otherwise known as resolutions. I, for once,...

Spotlight on Igba (Garden Egg): cooking variations, health benefits and more

I never really knew my grandparents - both maternal and paternal. My mum's parents passed on long before I was born and I wasn't close to my...