Floyd Mayweather’s Protege Adrien Broner Arrested for Grabbing a Woman By Her Genitals

Adrien Broner has been arresting for sexually assaulting a woman.

According to TMZ, the former boxing champ was whisked away last night by the Atlanta police and booked for misdemeanor sexual battery this morning. He is currently being held at the Fulton County on no bail and will be arraigned before a judge today.

Sources revealed to TMZ that the protege of Floyd Mayweather was arrested after he allegedly grabbed a woman by her genitals while shopping at the Louis Vuitton store, though the police is yet to confirm this claim.

This comes months after the boxer brutally attacked a man by punching him in the face during a Vegas trip, and days went on a long rant on his Instagram, cussing out his family, the mothers of his children and even his children.

“If anybody got a problem with me holla at me in the streets. Everybody will die. I’m out here by myself,” he continued in the Instagram post, adding, “I won’t kill myself this time. I’m go kill a b*** on god.”

In October 2016, the boxer posted suicide notes on his page, and his ‘big bro’ Floyd Mayweather stepped in to whisk him out of depression, like he always did.

We can’t wait to see how this latest development pans out.


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