Finally, Man U’s Fellaini Cut off His Hair

Marouane Fellaini will be 31-years-old on November 22, and to celebrate his increasing years, the towering midfielder has gone with a brand new look.

In a move that would have shocked even those close to him, Fellaini has cut off all his hair…like, shaved it real low.

The Manchester United midfielder revealed his new haircut on Instagram with the message “new year, new look”.

His decision comes as even more curious given his birthday is not as close as he makes it sound in Instagram.

The Man United star used the hashtag #birthdaytomorrow on his social media update.

But, as stated above, his birthday isn’t on November 15th – it’s actually a week later!

Well, it remains to be seen if the shaved locks will benefit Fellaini, and United, on the football pitch.

Or, conversely, it will follow the story of Samson and the 6ft 5 in Belgian lose all his powers.

Fingers crossed…


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