Filmmaker Akin Bosola Criticises His Friend for Posing for a Photo With Bobrisky, Calls Her a ‘Bad Muslim’

Akin Bosola is catching a lot of flak on social media right now for criticising his female friend who recently posed for a photograph with Bobrisky.

Posting on his Instagram, Bosola called the lady a “bad Ambassador of Islam,” his reason being that Islam does not tolerate homosexuality.

“Bobrisky is a dysfunctional homosexual man,” the filmmaker continued in his rant, adding, “This is a statement, a fact, and not a judgement. Please be guided.”

While the lady in question has yet to react to the public call-out, Nigerians are ripping into the filmmaker for portraying Islam as a non-tolerant and extremist religion.

“So is now a crime snapping with someone, so does ur religion advice criticism abi how will I put it, u need God,firstly @bobrisky222 is a human being, everyone has their life to live, cause [he] decides to dress like a girl doesn’t make her meant [him] bad…what is bad in snapping with bobrisky, that man needs God,God/Allah doesn’t support what he tweeted, ND what is ur business, the way pple don’t mind their business in Nigeria ehn,chai,infact dis country yaff tire me @bobrisky222 Pple loves you the way you are,” said Instagram user @__oyinlolu.

Another, @ugochi__n, added, “This is how messy religion have turned people, any one who sees nothing wrong with organized religion must really not be reasoning well.”

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