Film Producer Calls Out Angela Okorie for Walking Off the Set of New Film: ‘You are a Cut and Nail Actor!’

Angela Okorie has been called out on social media, Omoruyi Patience Izzy, for allegedly walking off the set of a new film while production was still going on.

According to Izzy, the actress arrived at the set unprepared, that she didn’t read the script, did not know the storyline and her lines, and midway through the production, she packed her things and left without informing the crew.

Izzy said:

“Dear @realangelaokorie, I am the costumier for the movie “Local league,” the set u left without saying goodbye or finishing your remaining scenes.

I want to ask you this question: who leaves a production without saying a word to the production manager? I thought by now u would be professional but u disappointed me and the entire cast and crew.  Did u behave the way u did cos u were in Benin? Cos I know u can’t try the shit u did to an igbo director..

You gave us 2 days and u ended up coming the very day we started shoot, not like u came early oh, you came past 12noon and u counted that as a full day. I don’t even want to go to how u behaved on set, that’s an ……, let me just not talk about that…

The annoying part was we went to pick u and we were told u left, not even a word to the director, pm or even the producer..

I thought u were a professional actress and u know the rules of the game, not knowing u are a cut and nail actor, yes I said cut and nail cos u didn’t even read your script before coming on set (Professionals don’t do that). You looked lost on this set cos the director had to tell you what each scene was about..

Why do u actors (especially the female actors ) come to Benin and misbehave? You all re alwahs in a hurry. You know what, na @africamagic give una this level that if u don’t have a face in a movie they don’t buy ,that’s why we still come calling u guys not like u are better than my Edo actresses.

This also will end soon.

I just said my piece of mind and don’t bother blocking me cos I am not even following. You should apologise to the director, and the entire crew, especially the director cos u left him left him cracking hod head on how to block the remaining two important scenes u abandoned. Oma oh, God will do our own for us but we will never behave like u.”

The actress had yet to react to this as at press time.

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