Film Board Sets Up Panels to Investigate Bobrisky’s New Movie

Punch is reporting that the National Film and Video Censors Board has set up three panels to analyse a new movie starring famous socialite, Bobrisky.

According to the media house, the movie titles, “Bobrisky in Love,” follows the story of a crossdresser who travels abroad and returns home, years later, as a transgender woman.

Speaking with the media house, an official of the NFVCB said that three panels have been set up at the zonal levels to review the movie and classify it, and if it contravenes Nigeria’s homophobic laws, may then be banned.

“We have set up three different panels to view the movie which was given to us by the producers for classification and review,” said the official, adding, “For the purpose of fairness and objectivity, we will not give specific details since evaluation is still ongoing but note that any movie that promotes homosexuality in contravention of our laws cannot be endorsed.”

The unnamed unofficial continued, “Latest by next week we will deliver a verdict on the movie. If the movie is banned, it would be communicated to the producers and our enforcement team would mop up all copies of the film on the market and defaulters would be apprehended and fined appropriately.”

We can’t wait to see how this pans out.

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