Falana Fires Buhari over Travel Ban, Demands Immediate Withdrawal

Human rights lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) and a civil society group, Access to Justice on Sunday faulted the travel ban placed on about 50 prominent Nigerians by the Federal Government pursuant to the full implementation of the Executive Order 6 recently issued by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Falana in a statement asked the President to immediately withdraw the travel ban, but Access to Justice called for the total cancellation of the entire PEO6, which it argued “is unquestionably anti-democratic and a veiled snare for citizens’ rights”, Punch writes.

“The PEO is also a gratuitous piece of dangerous precedent that opens the door to an uncontrollable dictatorship; it can be used arbitrarily and vindictively to fight and muzzle political opposition, and promote wholly politically partisan objectives,” the Director of Access to Justice, Mr. Joseph Otteh, added in a statement on Sunday.

Falana, described the travel ban as “superfluous”, because either the court or the various anti-corruption agencies had already seized the passports of the affected persons.

“If the Federal Government had done some background check it would have discovered that the names of the 50 VIPs have long been placed on security watch list while their passports have been impounded by the anti-graft agencies or the courts as one of the conditions for admitting them to bail.

“It is public knowledge that whenever the defendants wish to travel abroad for medical treatment they usually apply for the interim release of their passports. Since the courts have taken judicial notice of the perilous state of medical facilities in the country such applications are usually granted.”

“Notwithstanding such judicial indictment of politically exposed persons seeking medical treatment during trial the law has not authorised the Executive to restrict the movement of criminal suspects.”


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