Evangelist, who ‘Served Satan for 990 Years’ says Football is of the Antichrist

In a rather outlandish turn, a Nigerian man has narrated how his new neighbour condemned him for being a football fan by gifting him a book describing the sport as a ‘game of the antichrist’.

The man identified as Alex Oluwatobi took to narrate how he got a shock of his life after making attempts to be friendly with the children of his neighbour when it became obvious that they don’t really like him.

Alex wrote, “My new neighbour seems not to like me, but I greet them anyways.”

In an attempt to be friendly with the neighbour, “I asked their two sons yesterday the football club they support. They smiled, shook their heads and pelted upstairs,” he added.

To his surprise, the answer to his question was a special gift from his neighbour, a Christian book demonizing football titled “The game of the anti-Christ” written by one Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo, who claimed to have served Satan for 990 years before meeting Christ, she is also the founder of Rapture Proclaimers Evangelical Church (RAPEC) based in Lagos, WuzupNaija writes.

Alex who was left in shock took to Twitter to share screenshots of pages from the book.

The opening paragraph of chapter five of the book reads:

There is a spirit behind the game of football. The spirit is NOT and NEVER of God but, as disclosed in the previoius chapter, is that of Satan. The spirit of football is what sports analysts and commentators often appropriately call ‘the god of soccer’.

“Some or even majority of them may not understand the implication of the term but it is a reference to the satanic spirit in charge of the game of soccer.”

A paragraph in chapter two also reads:

Whether you believe it or not, the game of football is originated by Satan through a personality called the anti-Christ. The secret agenda is to destroy man. Football is a game of vanity. It’s register you as a member of the kingdom of the anti-Christ.”


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