Eucharia Annuobi Lays Heavy Curses On Colleague who Called Uche Elendu a Clout Chaser

Eucharia Annuobi has stepped into the matter and proceeded to lay heavy curses on a colleague who called Uche Elendu a clout chaser following the vandalisation of her store.

The Nollywood veteran and pastor, visited Elendu’s ‘Killer Curves Beauty Store’ along with Monalisa Chinda and Elendu to check out the scene.

Recall that fellow Nollywood actress, Doris Oganla had called Uche Elendu out on Instagram, stating that the video of vandalisation the actress put up was not of her own store and was only using the event for clout, warning people not to fall for the scam of raising money for her business.

Well, Eucharia Annuobi appeared really miffed as she checked out the place herself and proceeded to lay heavy curses on anyone who said the actress was using the event for her selfish gains.

During her fire and brimstone prayer session, she made sure to add that such people will will never own a shop and if they do, it will be razed down by fire.

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We can't continue like this . We need a total overhaul of our system. Look at what bad governance has caused it's struggling -to- survive citizens, who are trudging on , inspite of zero social amenities. We need a new Nigeria. THE NEW NIGERIA STARTS WITH INDIVIDUALS CHANGING FROM BEING WICKED. LET LOVE RULE ! YOUTHS GET READY FOR 2023 . AND ITS BY BEING RESPONSIBLE NOT DESTRUCTIVE AND NOT BY CHASING CLOUT . #endbadgovernanceinnigeria #reformthesystem . @ucheelendu you can't go down, you are restored with a banger ! Thank you @monalisacode for being a true sister's keeper, more glory is your portion. To all who suffered loss in one way or the other , injured and traumatised across our country in the mayhem of 20th OCTOBER 2020 , I say , it's well with you , be consoled in Jesus powerful name . Psalm 89 : 14a , 140 : 11 , Proverbs 17 :13 , Joel 2 : 25 #notashamedofthegospel #itinerantpreacher #trendsetter #model #actor #euchaiaanunobiministries #Godsowndiva #kingdominfluencer #kingdomgoddess #Jesushandmaid #leadership #lifecoach #counselling #mentoring #apostolicend-timereformer

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