Etinosa Shuts Down Mc Galaxy’s Claims That They Staged the Nude Photo Scandal

Etinosa Idemudia has responded to Mc Galaxy’s claims that they staged the nude photo scandal.

Recall that the singer appeared in an interview with HipTV yesterday, during which he claimed that March incident involving him and actress Etinosa was completely staged.

Well, Etinosa says it ain’t so.

“Stop lying to Nigerians. They are not stupid. This is the last I will say on this hurtful issue. It hurts me a lot and you can tell by the harsh stupid way I cursed an innocent child because his father won’t stop throwing it at my face,” she wrote.

She continued, “You can’t try to win Nigerians by lying to them. An effective damage control should avoid lies(MCG you would know this but you are an illiterate surrounded by illiterates).”

“I have said my truth. I was caught at an unguarded moment, someone I called my friend recorded me and sent it to blogs. I take full responsibility and am trying to move on,” she added.

And she said a lot more.

See her full pst below:


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